Tattoo Removal in Meridian, Idaho (ID)

At our Med Spa in Meridian, Idaho, we offer advanced tattoo removal services utilizing the latest laser technology.

Our laser systems are specifically designed to effectively break down ink particles in the skin, making it possible to remove unwanted tattoos with precision and minimal discomfort.

How Does Tattoo Removal Work?

Our laser tattoo removal process involves using high-intensity light beams to penetrate the skin and break up the ink particles into smaller fragments. 

These fragments are then naturally absorbed and eliminated by the body’s immune system. This method is safe for all skin types and is effective in removing a wide range of tattoo pigments.

Why Consider Tattoo Removal?

People choose tattoo removal for various reasons, including personal or professional changes, the desire to remove outdated or poorly executed tattoos, or simply to clear space for new artwork. 

Whatever your reason, our skilled specialists are here to provide you with a clean slate.

Is Laser Tattoo Removal Right for Me?

Our laser tattoo removal is suitable for most individuals looking to remove tattoos from any part of their body. 

However, it’s not recommended for pregnant women, those with certain skin conditions, or individuals undergoing specific treatments that could interfere with healing.

Treatment Process

The number of sessions required can vary depending on the size, location, color, and age of the tattoo. Our experienced technicians will assess your specific situation and provide a tailored treatment plan during your initial consultation. 

Each session is conducted with utmost care to ensure your comfort and safety, and most clients experience only minimal side effects, such as temporary redness and swelling.

Aftercare and Results

Post-treatment care is straightforward. We recommend keeping the treated area clean and avoiding direct sunlight. Over the course of several treatments, you will see a gradual fading of the tattoo, leading to a significant reduction or complete removal.

Book your consultation at our Med Spa in Meridian, Idaho, to learn more about how we can help you remove your unwanted tattoos and restore your skin’s natural appearance.

Don’t Take Our Word for It

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“Unity Med Spa is top notch! Being a (let’s just say a more seasoned lady) they make sure you still look your age but only better !!! They make this aging process doable without looking like an overly done cosmetic nightmare that you see some places !

Both Suzie and Karin are classy yet down to earth and always go above and beyond to make sure your results are the way you want them!  

Would not even think about going somewhere else! The front desk gal Bianca is always so nice and friendly as well. The place is just so classy inside and full of beautiful ladies.”

– Karla Taylor

“Suzie is amazing and has helped me with fighting my aging process! She gives me such a natural look which I appreciate! Bianca is a bright light every time I walk in the door.  Karin has made my life so much easier with my permanent make-up!! I love these ladies and I love my results!  “ 

-Chelsea Silbernagel

“Suzie is amazing and has helped me with fighting my aging process! She gives me such a natural look which I appreciate! Bianca is a bright light every time I walk in the door.  Karin has made my life so much easier with my permanent make-up!! I love these ladies and I love my results!!” 

Kimmie Elliott


How many tattoo removal sessions do I need?

The number of sessions required for tattoo removal varies based on the tattoo’s size, location, color, and age. Treatments are typically spaced 6 to 8 weeks apart to allow your skin to heal properly. 

Younger tattoos with lighter ink might need fewer sessions, while older or more vibrant tattoos might require more, often up to six to eight sessions.

How long does each tattoo removal session take?

Most tattoo removal sessions are quick, often lasting only 15 to 30 minutes, making it possible to schedule them during a lunch break. This convenience has led many to refer to the procedure as a “Lunchtime Removal.”

Is tattoo removal safe?

Yes, tattoo removal with our advanced laser technology is safe and FDA-approved. The procedure is precise, targeting only the tattoo ink while sparing the surrounding skin.

What can I combine with tattoo removal for improved skin care?

For those looking to enhance their skin care routine, consider combining tattoo removal with the following treatments:

Why choose our Med Spa for your tattoo removal?

Our team includes highly trained professionals experienced in laser technology. We provide a personalized approach to each client’s needs, ensuring that your tattoo removal process is as efficient and comfortable as possible. 

We also offer customized treatment plans based on a thorough evaluation of your tattoo and skin type.

What is the experience like during tattoo removal?

Our priority is your comfort. Tattoo removal is generally well-tolerated, but we are prepared to provide additional comfort measures if needed. The process involves minimal discomfort, and most clients report feeling only a slight snapping sensation during the treatment.

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